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Thomas Billiou/BilyeuAimee Billiou/Bilyeu

Pierre Billiou/Bilyeu

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Children with:
Francoise DuBois

Isaac Balliou/Billiou/Bilyeu
Pierre Billiou/Bilyeu
  • Born: 1625, Lille, France or La Bassee, Wicres, Fr Flanders
  • Married 20 Apr 1649, Leyden, S. Holland, to Francoise DuBois
  • Died: 6 Jan 1707 or 1708, Staten Island, Richmond, NY

    pict22.jpg [193x155] Pierre Billiou's House, Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House, Dongan Hills, Richmond, Staten Island, NY
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    Pierre BILLIOU(6) was baptized about 1632 in La Bassee or Wicres, in "French
    Flanders". (6)
    French Flanders was actually Belgian territory which was then in the
    possession of the King of Spain but which afterwards became a part of
    Artois, France. As a result of the persecution of the Walloons (French
    Huguenots of the early 17th century) Pierre eventually went to Leyden,
    Holland. He emigrated on 9 May 1661 from Leyden, Holland.(21) Pierre arrived
    in New Amterdam, on August 6, 1661 with his wife and four children on the
    ship St. Jean Baptist. Their youngest child, Isaac, was born at sea.

    On Aug.22 that year Pierre, with eighteen associates, petitioned the
    Governor of the Province to grant them land upon which to settle on Staten
    Island. A majority of the petitioners later dropped out, but Billiou
    persevered and eventually settled there. It was he who succeeded in
    pacifying the Indians where others had failed and it was he who, with the
    assistance of the Government's surveyor, laid out the first Staten Island
    town. He was later appointed judicial officer of the first court,
    established 28 Jan. 1664; was a delegate to the General Assembly in
    Manhattan 10 April 1664; was appointed a Lieutenant of Militia, 14 May 1669;
    and was, on Aug. 25, 1673, elected Schout and Schepen (sheriff and
    magistrate) during the Dutch reoccupation.

    The town mentioned above was Oude Dorp, now on South Beach, and was the
    first permanent settlement on Staten Island. Pierre did not build his house
    in Oude Dorp, but picked a spot beneath the hills farther inland. His house
    was built in the style of his native land, with its steep-pitched roof. The
    most distinctive feature of his house is the huge fireplace, with no jambs
    and sides. The oldest section of the house is built of stone and given the
    date of 1662, the house stands as the only remaining building on Staten
    Island built under Dutch rule. This residence, known as the
    Billiou-Stillwell-Perine House, is maintained by the Staten Island
    Historical Society and is open for tours. The current address is: 1476
    Richman Rd., Dongan Hills, Richmond, New York.
    He died on 6 Jan 1708 in Staten Island, Richmond, NY. Pierre Billiou's will,
    dated 11 Sept. 1699, was proved in Staten Island in 1702. Parents: Thomas
    BILLIOU and Aime.
    He was married to Francoise DU BOIS on 20 Apr 1649 in Walloon Church at
    Leiden, Holland. (6)
    Pierre registering as being of Lille, France, and she from Reims (Rheims)
    France. At least four of the five children that were born to this couple in
    Holland were baptized in the Walloon church in Leyden before the family
    embarked at Amsterdam. Children were: Maria BILLIOU, Martha BILLIOU,
    Cathrine BILLIOU, Francoise BILLIOU, Christina BILLIOU, Isaac BILLIOU, Jacob
    BILLIOU, Peter (Pierre) BILLIOU, John BILLIOU

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